Buy Filtrete Pro Website Review & Ratings + Buy Filtrete Pro Coupons
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Buy Filtrete Pro Website Review & Ratings + Buy Filtrete Pro Coupons

Buy Filtrete Pro: Products & Services

Buy Filtrete is a company that specializes in providing Filtrete Pro Series Filters which are designed to achieve the proper balance between particle capture and airflow. When one installs a Filtrete Pro series Filter, they are letting clients know they provide the best from a filter company committed to helping clients have a healthier home. Through HVAC Professionals, one can order their Filtrete Pro Series HVAC Filters and trust the company to help provide cleaner air in their homes.

Buy Filtrete Pro: Company Background

The company was formed in 2002 by a team of private contractors and has been in existence for almost twelve years now. They are based in New York to constantly be present where new air filter products are manufactured as the city is the center hub of most of the world’s air filter manufacturing companies. With more than twenty branch contactor companies and industrial centers in various areas in the region, the company is still expanding. Today they have thousands of filters on the website and are constantly working on sourcing more products.

Buy Filtrete Pro: Customer Feedback & Reviews

The company has received quite a huge amount of client’s feedback over the same. Their recent service plan to integrate as much as possible with their customers and put much effort in gathering both suggestions and criticism from their customers has been termed as “Revolutionary” by the Contractor Express digest.

User reviews on the Company Filters Forum have also referred to this as “Important because this will constantly ensure they improve themselves in their service and selection of products.” One of their products which has sparked positive feedback from satisfied clients is the 3M Pro Series 1" Air Filters which are available in many standard and non-standard sizes. 

One simply selects their size from the drop down box below to choose your filter size keeping in mind that length and width are reversible (i.e. a 15x20x1 is the same as a 20x15x1). A client in one of the Forum stated “The previous filter versions lacked professionalism but with this series, Buy Filtrete has outdone them” The general tone of feedback has been very positive and encouraging.

Buy Filtrete Pro: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

They currently have a number of partnerships where companies are selling their filters on their e-commerce sites and this has greatly shown their trust and credibility with e-commerce sites such as E-Contractor and Find Filters where some of their products are featured. This has boosted Buy Filtrete’s credibility and has masked the fact that they are not BBB accredited but still have loyalty from hundreds of clients worldwide. They have a certification of Manufacturing Standards (CMS) and are recommended as a valid manufacturing air filter product provider.

Buy Filtrete Pro: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

The website is quite popular and their traffic statistics from Alexa, results show that in the past month, it is ranked as #735,826 globally. This can be due to a direction taken by Buy Filtrete which is the paid for product inclusion model of their recent 3M Pro Series 1" Air Filters.

These options typically have an additional fee associated, but offer significant efficiency and visibility to partner e-commerce product sites and/or their insourcing has this immensely improved their  Google PageRank  from an initial 3 out of ten to the current rank of 4 out of ten.

Buy Filtrete Pro: Social Media Presence

In terms of social media presence Buy Filtrete have done quite a splendid job of reaching out to many internet users worldwide within a short time of their launch with their Facebook Page having over 1,273 likes and more than 374 talking about it. Furthermore their Twitter handle has over 1,256 followers and more than 592 tweets.Buy Filtrete are in the process of putting together blogs offering advice for anyone with general issues which can be accessed from the official website.

Buy Filtrete Pro: Website Security & Safety

Upon running a Google diagnostic test on their official website, the results show that the website is not listed as suspicious nor has it exhibited malicious activity within the past 90 days. It is said to be safe for browsing. A similar test on McAfee Site Advisor was conducted, and the results also showed that no significant problems were found on the website. Buy Filtrete also uses a secure connection (https ://) upon taking your personal and billing information when purchasing air filters directly from their website.

Buy Filtrete Pro: Pricing & Packages

The company offers some of the cheapest product prices compared to its other competitors who provide similar products. A good example is their 10 x 18 x 1 Air Filter which is being sold at a price of only $ 61.63 compared to similar sites which offer the same at $ 80.

This is not the only product which is cheap but most of the air filters are sold at low prices due to their approach of cutting out the middlemen who because product prices to be high for the end consumer. Another example is their 3M Pro Series 1" Air Filters which is being sold for only $ 75.15 which is more than $ 10 cheaper compared to the same product on similar air filter companies. Their prices are thus very consumer friendly.

Buy Filtrete Pro: Shipping Rates & Policies

The company offers shipping and delivery services through FedEx. FedEx ground delivery is included in all filter pricing and the pricing shown on the site is list pricing and excludes shipping pricing. For discounted pricing, one must place their shipping order through their shipping account.

One may create an account by selecting the "Create Account" link at the top of their page. Once the account is verified, you'll receive an email from their support team with a shipping discount percentage that will be applied to your shipping account for all future purchases.

Buy Filtrete Pro: Payment Methods Accepted

When purchasing a filter series from Buy Filtrete, they offer a variety of payment methods. One has the options of choosing between MoneyGram, Credit card, Master or Visa or PayPal as their payment method. Billing security is assured since they are verified by Global Sign and SSL. It is hence secure to make transactions and buy the best air filters the market has to offer directly from Buy Filtrete as their authenticity is assured.

Buy Filtrete Pro: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

The company has a return policy whereby clients can return goods promptly if they have defects and they will pay for the delivery of any repaired or replacement goods to clients and will, where clients have returned goods to Buy Filtrete within 21 days of delivery and reimburse client’s reasonable postage costs in returning the goods. They however do not claim liability over goods tampered with after purchase and then returned.

Buy Filtrete Pro: Product images & screenshots
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